July 14, 2013

Everyone benefits if the debate settles

"Everyone benefits if the debate settles"

The whole thing is a misunderstanding.
The Prime Minister's analysis of the wave of criticism that washes over him.
- Everyone benefits if the debate settles, he says to Expressen.

The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

The Swedish Foren Minister Carl Bildt

"First talks to soothe transatlantic tensions to be restricted to data privacy and Prism programme after Britain and Sweden's veto"; The Guardian 2013.

That was back in 2008, when we where fighting against the so called FRA-law. Now when It´s from the US and the NSA, in efect the same type of spying on European governments and snooping on the general public, the Swedish government (Carl Bildt) with the UK governement blocks the investigation. The media today; says It´s a resignation behind non protests. How can we protest, if we have no democratic voice? But we do protest.

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