December 2, 2012

The Swedish war on drugs

In a stark contrast to what the Minister for Elderly Care and Public Health, Maria Larssson (Kd), emphasises in a document to the UN. The Swedish war on drugs are not as positive as stated in the document, rather then is the oposite. We have previously noted; how drug use, Swedish policy and police enforcement is not in line with UN-declarations and commitments, entered into international agreements. Expressen: Liberati och Svart måndag: Därför kokar nätet av ilska mot Ask

"Representatives of the political networks Liberati and Black Monday is strongly critical of Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask's bill on compulsory drug testing in children under 15 years"

UN dokument:

Swedish Drug Control 

The evidence leads in the opposite direction, as Swedish public statistics will tell on crime and drugs. The police has a hard time to live up to the politically set policy, or do they? They do have the staff in numbers, but on the wrong level in the hierarchy according to the daily Dagens Nyheter. The police force has been more intent on staffing offices, not officers on patrol duty.

"The results show that weekend staffing has hardly improved at all. This despite the fact that the police have carried out the largest staffing in modern times. Since 1998, Sweden has received 3,620 more police officers - an increase of 22 percent. Meanwhile, manning the actual timing on average increased by only 0.7 percent".

The Swedish police force has been more focused on lesser crime and administration, not on combating criminal networks and on serious crime on the field, with variations over time and location (precincts). The daily Dagens Nyheter has been investigating the issue. Criminal gangs stands for even more of the  serious crime and drug related crime, then what has been stated by the police.

Even if the officialy stated focus and policy, has been on serious crime. The practice has not. It has been on lesser crime and criminals, the focus on organized and serious crime is lost. Even when the police gets more staff, better technology and the authority is wider then ever before in history. The war on drugs is no closer to reach the goals and intent of the legislation, while the policymakers still go after that same goal with the same methods and delivering even more repressive laws and tools. The misinformation on the topic is astounding, as it is relativily easy to falsify when the media reports diametrically opposing news on the same topic and reading public evaluations (Hanne Kjöler DN 2012-11-29, Sida 2012-11-14).

2011 20 Bekämpning Av Den Organserade brottslighten

On the operational level it looks like it is working. Cooperation between different authorities and information sharing with mutual board meetings. Lot´s of administration and a top heavy organization.

Criminal acts befor the individual needs. (Umeå Universitet) "It is possible that the social services logic has changed from values based on individual needs to values based on punishment."

The more restrictive policy and treatment of those who has an addiction, the current mainstream theory is of punishment. If you are in a substitution program (Methadon, Subutex) for an addiction. In spite of the cronic illness of addiction, you can be forced out of the medical treatment if you have a relapse. On the street without professional medical help and treatment, the chances of serious injury or death are rather high. As statisticaly verified; Sweden experiences a significantly high mortality rate, among patients outside of healthcare (fhi). There are no evidence of drug related deaths within the substitution treatment framework, with professional medical help, controlled prescription and treatment within the public healthcare framework.
The Swedish treatment filosophy, policy and practice has issues to solve. Leagaly as well as practicaly the Swedish practice has to change and heavy modeficatons implemented, as the current set of laws and treatment is more harmful then the practice do good. Harmreduction is the way forward according to scientists and research (Bostad först, Smittskyddsinstitutet).
EMCDDA, SvD, Polisens arbete mot narkotika, The Beckley Foundation,

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