July 11, 2012

Wikileaks and media, debate on media in Almedalen

The question on media and how media works, now in the light of the Wikileaks files release. It´s hotly debated if the releases of the files, has been harmfull or not. According to the Wikileaks representatives (DEBATE - CAN MEDIA CHANGE THE WORLD? - FRIDAY), there has been no recorded harm done to civilian lives.

The New Renaissancenetwork attended the event in Almedalen:

BÖDELSTUGAN, ÖSTRA TULLGRÄND 8 (Österport, behind Kristna Bokcaféet)
Participants (as seated):
Jennifer Robinson – Lawyer (Wikileaks)
Måns Adler – Founder of Bambuser
John Manoochehri – HOST
Fredrik Wass – Journalist, blogger
Kristinn Hrafnsson – Wikileaks spokesperson
Alexander Bard – Writer, musician, commentator
Jeremy Bowen  – BBC Middle-East Correspondent (live video)

A delicate question on western media, how they present news and presented the wikileaks files. As an example, a short discussion on the Afghanistan war diary took place, as they are belived to be compiled from secret military files. Secret military files or not, the local media in Afghanistan knew what took place and so did the Isaf soldiers as well. The local media published the news and events as they happend, under no secrecy to the public. Western media did not report any of the events, as indicated by Fredrik Wass (Bisonblogg). Even though the events was recorded as public knowledge, nothing was reported and published on the issues in western media.
Until the release of the Wikileaks files, western media showed no interest in the events, they still must have known what happened. That do tell us something on how it works, nothing has happend untill media tells the story. Western media that is.

Even though citizen journalism is on the rize in the west, it doesn´t get the credentials it needs to get started and take off as it should. The market for citizen journalism takes off in the far east, Africa and in other places where media is controled by the state and run by the authorities. Citizen journalism do has throughput in the western society and on a deeper level then many belives. It´s not valued in a broader sense in the public society, but citizen journalism do have an impact and makes its marks in a political perspective. But it takes time to be the chanel of preference, as the massmedia of today is belived to have the authority of holding the truth in the public mindset. But for how long can special interests groups hold on to the exclusivenes of getting the information, presenting and telling the story stay?
In the end It´s a matter of free expression and of human rights, freedom of information and get the right information as well.

Recordings by Jocke Jardenberg

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