June 9, 2012

ACTA only, or the larger picture of Fort Europe?

By puting the focus on the ACTA (Anti Counterfeit Trade Agreement) only, the bigger and larger picture of Fort Europe loses oute. ACTA is not a stand alone project, It´s only one small part.

We do have to see to the larger part of Europe and Sweden, as being a part Fort Europe. Censorship and violitions of the human rights within the European Union, we do have to look upon the problem, as it was a part of the arab spring movement. We can not forget the past and censoring the present, we can not take the cost of doing that.

The danger of locking the borders, prohibiting free movement cross borders and global migration. Prohibiting the flow of information and news, doesn´t do any good, it creates missunderstanding and hatered.
Say no to national and to the global illicit surveillance, the censoring of people and media, say no to Fort Europe, exlusion of people and yes to the human rights.

Henrik Alexandersson, Niklas Starow, 1984 Actionday.

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