February 5, 2012

The fundamentalistic party to the government, still wants forced sterilization

Göran Hägglund (Kd) and Maria Larsson (Kd)

 The christian  fundamentalistic party to the Alliance government (Kd) wants to keep the forced sterilization act of 1972, which requires transgender people to be permanently rendered sterile and prohibited to breed. Even when the medical profession on transgenderism says no to the practice, they want to uphold it. Still, even with trumped up non issues, neither Göran Hägglund (Kd) the newly reelected partyleader, nor Maria Larsson (Kd), can defend the forced sterilization act and It´s practice. The only way to defend the act, is to dehumanize the transgender community and turn them into "non humans" as it is according, to swedish law, illegal for the state since (1976), to forcefully render "humans" sterile.

"Vi är inte ensamma": En nazistisk affisch från 1936 med flaggor från andra länder med tvångssteriliseringslagstiftning.
The text above says: "We are not alone": A nazi flyer from 1936 with banners from countries with forced sterilization as a practise.

Göran Hägglund (Kd) on human rights and dignity, and that we must not forget the terrors of the Holocaust. But he forgets the transgender community and leaves them behind.

What about transgender rights then? As they do have rights, according to the European council on human rights and the United Nations commissioner on human rights.

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