December 5, 2011

Carl Bildts decisions on Syria

First we have to take a look at the current situation, in and around the gulf. What is the wider picture?
Currently there is a proxy war going on, between Suadi Arabia and Iran. Shiia and sunni. The battlefield is the islands of Bahrain. Into this area Sweden has been gunrunning sins early 1980, first illegaly now legaly. Both arms and later on surveilance systems and equipment. As Ericson is one of the players in the area, selling systems to both sides. They do sell to Iran and Syria. As well as to the gulf states, Bahrain as an example. The sanctions against Syria stalls as the swedish FM Carl Bildt, wants to exempt mobile comunications systems from the sanctions. These systems are used as a way to track every users whereabouts, to plot them and making it more easy to catch dissidents. Mr. Carl Bildt is missing the point, when the current mobile systems work independently of new sales to Syria. So why the need to sell more of and newer systems?
What has to be done is to stop any escalation of the situation, when the situation is fuled by the antagonism between Iran, US and Russia. What we don´t need is any military intervention, from any of the players of the region. If the sanctions doesen´t work that is a plausible outcom, to stop the deteriorating and failure of Syria as a nation. Syria is faling apart as we speak and going from bad to worse.

Masacres as in the video above is the outcome, from bad to wors. Can we as a society live with that option? Can we let it happen?
That is the question Mr. Bildt has to ask him self, as well as do we all, we the sitizens. As stipulated in the erlier text (Svensk flathet riskerar bli en ostoppbar brand med världsomfattande spännvidd), it can spiral downwards fast, very fast. Sancions is a cheap price to pay, when it could spiral out of control and affect us globaly. The possibility of a new word war is a reality that must not happen, we has the obligation to stop further escalitation. We has to stand up as a yung Bahraini woman did, infront of a konvoj of police on their way into the town of Aali.

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