July 9, 2011

The swedish party Kristdemokraterna votes in favor of forced sterilization of the transexual minority

One of the swedish parties within the four-party Alliance government, Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democratic Party), votes in favor of the practice of forced sterilization/castration of a minority. Of the transgender minority in Sweden a minority as large as the swedish Sami population (20 000 people), a practice that is deemed as inhuman and not in accordance with the United Nations declaration of the human rights and part of the European declarations. The European declarations that now in 2011, is part of the swedish constituition. The European commissioner of the human rights, critizised the practice of forced sterilization/castration in 2009 and has demanded that all of the nations in the European Union stop the practice. Sweden did abolish the practice of forced sterilization / castration in 1975-76, it was belived. But Sweden contiued with the practice, even after inclusion of the 1975-76 law and still is to this date. In a law from 1972, to regulate the healthcare and transitioning of the minority of transgenders.
The swedish practice of forced sterilization / castration, is to enforce the non breeding clause for the transsexual minority. It is a matter of fact: completly and uncondiotionaly forbidden in swedish law and practise, for transgenderd people to breed. Or even beeing able to breed, to have children as any human beeing might. The compliance of sterility is checked via Socialstyrelsen (the competent authority), before the nessesary legal documents to recognize the legality of the transitioning can be obtained. When the compliance of the law is checked, any breach of the law leads to an immediate disqualification from further transitioning and an abolishment from the special treatment program. The words of Minister of Peoples Health, Maria Larsson (kd), easilly become flies in the faces of the many who are concerned by the legislation. What options if any, do exist for the transgender minority in the swedish society? Is it of free will that transgenderd people comply with the swedish law? Do they, the transgender persons, want to be sterile, with a permanent childlessnes as a result of the swedish law. Not for medical reasons on the persons own accord, and of free will?

New Renaissance Jens Odsvall and Amanda Brihed, writes in todays Newsmill: Hur rimmar tvångssteriliseringar med kärleksbudskapet, KD?
to adress Kristdemokraterna as they and Göran Hägglund are the speakers of the day, in Almedalen Sweden.

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