March 31, 2011

Becoming visible


Today we celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility. How better than this?
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Bring faces out from the shadows by placing them front and center in my portraits.  Many homeless transgendered teens have been traumatized by the loss of their families, their homes and often, their dignity.  I will use lovinglyproduced photographs as a way to help heal some of the pain caused by all of that loss and create images that reveal their humanity.  A humanity that we can share and connect to.  
Working directly with the two largest organizations that work tirelessly to help this under-served community, I will make both studio and exterior portraits of the kids, shot on film and then enlarged into outsized platinum and palladium prints; far and away the most elegant of all photographic processes.  
The money will go to provide stipends for the kids, direct contributions to the service organizations and help me to pay for film, studio time and to retro-fit a lab to create these oversized prints -and to purchase the chemicals to create handmade emulsion (literally pulverized platinum!) and to import paper from France.  
The resulting series will culminate with a large gallery show in New York City and throughout the world.  Expanding recognition, awareness and compassion.  

Take part in creating dignity and self worth to one of the most discriminated and hated groups of people in the World, a group that has been around since the beginning of humanity but still has a long way to go before enjoying the same rights as you and everyone else. It's about identity. It's about history. It's about seeing a human being for being simply a human being, a person and an individual to love and care for. It's about opening doors. The doors to our hearts. The doors to our souls. The doors to freedom, full citizenship and full human rights.

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